About us

BST CrossFit

BST CrossFit was established in 2010 .

BST CrossFit is unique, we strive to constantly excel and provide our clients with the best and most diverse training program available. We are not limited by physical barriers and personal comfort zones but rather challenged by potential movement superiority and love for life. We do not merely help you set your goals, we assist, push and motivate you to overcome what you think is impossible.

BST CrossFit will never follow but always be followed.

BST CrossFit has 5 trainers currently.

Hannes du Toit (head coach)

Kyle Howard ( CrossFit coach/ Facility manager)

Justin Pakes ( CrossFit  coach )

Anishce Venter (BST Bootcamp instructer/Director of BST Kidz)

Pierre Oelofse ( CrossFit coach)

With a great mixture of experience , enthusiasm ,knowledge and a love for CrossFit and human performance the BST coaches will always be at your side through your workouts and first to congratulate you when your goals are reached.

BST CrossFit believes in building a healthy relationship with all our clients .We have a 1 Trainer to 6 Clients ratio to ensure the best possible technical assistance for all our clients.

Every person experiences Crossfit differently that is why you should come and try our FREE WEEK.

You have nothing to loose.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Love the subtitle. No blood spilled yet, but managed plenty of sweat and tears…

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