15/11/2013 Friday


Buddy workout

Complete the following in less than 30min

1Km row
75 Burpees
1RM Snatch
75 push ups
1RM Deadlift
75 Wall balls
1Km row

Calculate the sum of the snatch and deadlift totals as your teams score.

For score to count workout must be completed under 30min. No additional points for finshing under 30min

For every second over 30min 1kg is subracted from total score.

13/11/2013 Wednesday


Summer challenge Workout

Interval sprints


45 sec per station (drop sets)
15 sec rest between stations

Ring dips/Tri cep dips
Bi cep curls 30/20
Sit ups
DB shoulder press 15/10kg

5Min Core endurance


Perform 10 bed ball slams after each exercise

10p/s KB step ups
10p/s alt Huper back ext
25 plate sit ups 5kg
30sec Hand stand Hold
10 candle stands 5kg

5 Min core endurance