Wednesday 31/10/2012


BST CrossFit will be supporting B4C CrossFit in their MOvember event on the 24th November Event.It is up to all our clients to go register and join us for this fun filled CrossFit day and sweat for those who can not.

This is a charity event .

Details on event and registrations:



Technique: Turkish get ups



9 Pull ups

7 Burpee to bar touches

5 Goblet squats


3 Rounds for time

17 Wall balls

14 KB Swings

9 Box jumps

Final results-Body Back Challenge

Well done to everyone who worked so hard and changed their lives for the better. Keep up the good work!

Here are the final weigh in FAT %.

Danielle 27

Kyle 17

Nathan H 7.5

Eduann 16

Arline 25

Niel 20

Carl 17

Amy 27

Karen K 18

Stephan 15

Elrese 20

Rene’ 30

Wayne 14

Karen C 24

Ashleigh 17

Adelize 18

Val 24

Natalie 26

Werner 13

Donovan 12

Ryan 8

Steve 13

Nathan 16

Rolo 12

Jared 12

Kegan 9

Nadine 28

Vanessa 27

Lindy 17

Bianca 20

Gareth 16

Kim 22

Charlene 22

Dean 18

Linsay 20

Michael 10

Lisa 26

Ewan 18

Shaun 11


You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Body Back Challenge Last update

When we started this challenge my thoughts and expectations were small but all of you thrashed all my highest expectations.

The amount of effort ( blood , sweat and tears ) that you have shed in this 6 weeks is truly inspirational and much appreciated by your coaches.There is more commitment and dedication in all of you than you’ll find in most of South African professional sportsman.

Remember that this challenge is only the start of a lifetime challenge to become the best and healthiest person you can be.

Unfortunately we have to pick a winner .We have decided that two clients really stood out and impressed us most of all.

These two people impressed us not only with extreme dedication and motivation but more than all positive attitudes which effects everybody they train with.


The two winners:

  • Natalie Tonner
  • Kegan Chapman

Well done to both of you keep up the great work .You inspire all of us and everybody you train with.

All results will be posted shortly.

Thank you very much to all BST clients ,without you BST CrossFit would not be the same

Thursday 25/10/2012

Body back challenge winner will be announced tomorrow at 12 am on the BST website.



Rope climbs



7 Rounds for time.


7 Thrusters

7 Knees to elbows

7 Deadlift

7 Burpees

7 Kb Swings

7 Pull-ups