Join BST CrossFit

Introduction classes will start weekly at BST CrossFit.

Introduction week is FREE

For more information and bookings mail  Hannes du Toit

Why do CrossFit ?


What makes BST different from other CrossFit affiliates .

We have been Affiliated since 2011, BST coaches are not only driven by passion but our knowledge on the fields of Gymnastics , weightlifting , health and fitness is unmatchable .


The introduction week consists of 3 sessions:

These 3 sessions are designed to introduce our clients to all the different aspects of CrossFit. At BST we believe in slowly introducing our clients to the CrossFit program to prevent unessasary injuries and incorrect movement patterns.

What you can expect from these 3 sessions: High intensity training, functional movements, quality coaching and friendly service.

AT BST CrossFit we strongly suggest all our new clients to complete a functional movement screening(fms), done by our in-house Biokinetisist. This screening will allow us to pick up any current or potential movement that might lead to future injury.


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