12/11/2014 Wednesday


Met Con

Open Preperation Week 2 Wod 3

For Reps
15 min AMRAP

Complete Double Unders every 3rd Minute.
Once double unders are completed complete as many rounds of 7 OHS and 7 Deadlift 50/38kg in the time remaining in that 3 minute cycle.
0-3 min 100x Double Unders
3-6 min 80x Double Unders
6-9 min 60x Double Unders
9-12 min 40x Double unders
12-15 min 20x Double Unders.

Total reps including Double Unders is your score.


2015 Open Preperation Program

BST preparation program will be a four month program which will be structured 3 weeks on 1 week off.

There will be 2 workouts per week where athletes can compare there scores and expose weaknesses which need to be addressed before next year’s worldwide open.

Top 3 Athletes will be announced after each 3 weeks and small prizes will be awarded.

All welcome to compete and compare.


05/11/2014 Wednesday



Pull-up -Kip/Butterfly

Met Con

Open Prep Workout Week 1, Wod 1.

Complete as far as possible in 10minutes

21 Snatches 43/30kg

9 Burpee over bars

21 Snatches 60/38kg

9 Burpee over bars

21 Snatches 70/47kg

9 Burpee over bars

21 Snatches 83/55kg


Scores to beat

72 reps-Kyle

69 reps-Hannes

68 reps-Shane


04/03/2014 Tuesday


“Buddy Wod”

10 Mins to reach 1 Rep Max of:

Front squat


Met Con

17 Min AMRAP

450 Meter Row

45 Box Jumps

45 Thrusters 20kg

21/10/2013 Monday



Ring dips



Special WOD inspired by two of our favourite ladies.


6 Clean and Jerks

50 Double unders

50 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

40 Double unders

40 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

30 Double unders

30 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

30 Double unders

30 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

20 Double unders

20 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

10 Double unders

10 Sit ups