Week 5 Olympic weightlifting program


WEEK 5 day 1
clean and dbl jerk 4-4/3-3/2-2 60/70/80
snatch hang shrugs reps 8-8-8-8 80% Sn
Back sqaut 5-5-5-5-5 70%
Plyo Def Jumps
WEEK 5 day 2
Drop snatch /hang sqaut snatch 5-5-5-5 60-70% Snatch
DBL Sqaut Thrusters reps 3-3-3 50% C J
Cleans shrug/negative pause 8-8-8-8 60%-
KB Turkish get ups 1p/s X 3 Max
WEEK 5 day 3
Between every set perform 10 Push ups
Power cleans EMOM 4 X 6sets 40% clean
OHS EMOM 5 X 6sets
Deadlift EMOM 6 X 6sets

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