Todays Scores

Due to all the amazing efferts and the scores you’ve worked so hard to get, here they are. Be proud!

Nathan 24:20
Stef 19:30
Arline 20:30
Carol 19:58
Matthew 13:05
Karen 18:04
Rolo 17:40
Kegan 16:56
Jared 19:20
Nathan 19:14
Ryan 18:43
Lindy 19:20
Vanessa 19:20
Eli 20:13
Kim 19:29
Gareth 20:22
Oddete 16:40
Shaun 20:12
Natalie 17:50
Ewan 19:23
Dean 18:22
Charlene 19:04
Imogene 19:03
Denise 19:12

Well done guys, remember scores are ment to improve, you all did your best today. But tomorrow is another day with another challenge.


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