BST Olympics Events Announcement


To all the athletes who are looking forward to the Olympics as much as we are ,we at BST CrossFit are going to have our own Olympics in the month of August, there will be an event each week for the entire month of August. After the month athletes will be ranked according to their achievements.

This is not to be missed and will truly take you back to your school days . We will definitely be throwing in some unexpected twists but that can be expected by now.This event will suite everybody and the aim is to build the BST family and to have a few laugh and giggles at each others expense.

The dates for the specific events are still to be confirmed .

Event 1

Chaos at the Track -Track and Field

Event 2

Throwing your toys out the cot-Weightlifting

Event 3

Speedo’s only!-Swimming

Event 4

Hold your breath-Mystery

Event 5

Tuck and roll-Gymnastics


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