CrossFit for Cancer-The schedule



The schedule for the Ladies on the 14th July is as follows.Remember all Exercises and weights can be scaled to the abilities and fitness level of all participants.

The Scaling will be done in 3 categories Rx (Performing all movements and weights as prescribed)Scaled(decreasing weight or performing scaled exercise for technical movements) 1st timer( modifying the Workout to suite the persons abilities)

Warm up area will be allocated with experienced judges and CrossFitters to assist all new comers and 1st timers with any technical difficulties.

More detailed explaination of the Ladies will be posted tomorrow.

07:00-08:00 Hellen

21 availible spaces

o8:00-09:00 Dianne

21 availible spaces

09:00-10:00 Annie

30 availible spaces

10:00-11:00 Grace

30 availible spaces

11:00-12:00 Amanda

12  availible spaces

12:00-13:00 Isabel

21  availible spaces

13:00-14:00 Jacky

21 availible spaces

14:00-15:00 Elizabeth

12 availible spaces

15:00-16:00 Nasty Girls

8 availible spaces

16:00-17:00 Karen

21 availible spaces

17:00-18:00 Nancy

20 availible spaces

18:00-19:00 Fran

21 availible spaces

Slots for the Ladies can be confirmed in advance and payments can be made on the day.



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