Thursday WOD 01/12/2011

Lets Lift announcement

Do not forget your swimming gear and towel for Saturday ,our swimming pool will be open for use.

Do not worry about strapping and possible injury niggles, we will have a physiotherapist availible for the event. Her rates will be:

Strapping R35-R65

Myofascial release R50 (treatment will be 10-15min)

Massage with accupuncture R100

looking forward to seeing all of you!!


Now the workout

Warm up

Swissball session:

Wall sqauts 10 x 2

sit ups 10 x 2

push ups 10 x 2

hyperback extentions 10 x 2

3Rounds for time

300m Row

10 Plate thrusters (25/15kg)

10 GHD sit ups



7 Wall balls

14 KB Sumo deadlift highpulls


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